Setting and achieving goals
Find your inner compass and set course

We’ll help you to realistically assess your strengths and weaknesses and to build on your own abilities. Your own motivation, strength and clarity will guide you through the subsequent steps. Together we will establish your goals and make a personal plan of action.

Structure, visualise, act

Using structured profiling we’ll find out where you stand at the moment. We’ll create an individual performance profile, bring out your potential and make you more confident.

Believe in what you can achieve! You are the captain and you determine the course. We’ll navigate rough waters together and we’ll stay with you for as long or short a time as necessary.

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For Personnel departments
  • Developing tailored personnel development concepts
  • Consulting on implementation and operation of competence balancing tools for employees and management staff
  • Developing training programmes
For Management Staff
  • Coaching with roll play
  • Creating a profile with LUXXprofile
  • Leadership Review
For Employees
  • Creating a personal performance profile
  • Developing a tailored career development strategy
  • Creating modern and relevant job application documents
  • Preparing for telephone or Skype interviews
For Business start-ups
  • Determining the attributes required for autonomy
  • Creating a profile with LUXXprofile: Which employees are right for me?
  • Consultation on organisation development and workflow structure
  • Developing strategic action plans
Know-how and Experience

Coach and trainer for 25 years, project co-ordinator and moderator in the fields of national and international consulting and advanced training. Many years’ experience in France and Tunisia and in working with refugees of all educational levels. Supported by Frauke Müller (coach, moderator and project co-ordinator from Hamburg), Inga Lindhorst (business consultant from Hamburg) and Kirk Fünderich (advisor at the ministry for education, science and culture in the state of Schleswig-Holstein), together with a large extended network of experts.

  • M.A. in Romance languages, English and Pedagogy
  • French C1, English B2
  • Member of SIETAR Deutschland e.V. – Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research
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Intercultural expertise

In our work with businesses we focus on existing intercultural skills and the issues of integrating migrant workers.

We’ll support you you and your teams by helping to improve your intercultural skills.

Cultural Awareness

We can help guide teams and team leaders in the field of multicultural work through coaching and training

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Our programme for companies:
Consulting on international integration
Coaching and training for management staff and teams in the multicultural field.

Although working with people from different cultures can broaden your horizons, it can also sometimes lead to confusion and uncertainty. Learn to observe your own “cultural lens” and how to handle the “foreign factor” with ease.

We offer you rooms for studying where you, either alone or together with your colleagues, can scrutinise the characteristics of your own culture, as well as those of your business partners, customers and clients.

Our Programme for educational institutions:
Intercultural change consulting
Consultation, coaching and development, and implementation of tailor-made further education programmes for the intercultural integration of schools.

Are you an education policy-maker? We can help you to define and co-ordinate practicable development steps in the change processes. Kirk Fünderich is an education specialist and a valuable consulting partner who works with us in the field of education management and qualitative school development. We have been working closely with him on initialising and overseeing change processes in the Tunisian school system – see Projekt TUNESS 2015 – Tunesiens Schulsystem - Goethe-Institut (German).

Projects for schools

Our programme provides profiling and orientation for secondary school pupils and students making their way towards work placements, further education or into a career. With our help they will form a clear idea of what’s really important to them, what they are especially good at, and also what you can do next.

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Gruppe Schüler_innen im Workshop von time4future
Organisational development
When it comes to helping schools develop their own visions and to realise their desired changes, we’re ready to guide them through the process.

We see our role as helping people to help themselves. We don’t provide ready-made programmes, but instead provide tailor-made process support with method coaching, training and moderating. While supporting a new development path, we also help the school management, colleges and parents to strengthen their sense of responsibility.

What can we achieve with organisational development?

We hold clear and practical dialogues with all the school stakeholders and offer curricular modules, oriented to their specific requirements. Our role is to initialise and support clarification processes. We empower individuals and groups to work in specific fields. We carry out development-building work and provide methodological know-how in the areas of moderating, process control, securing of results, concept development and project management, with a particular emphasis on the school system.

In moderating, coaching and concept development we assume responsibility for processes that enable the school system and its stakeholders to work on their own quality development.

Set course for success

We’ll help you on your way to your personal and professional development.